April 19, 2016

A cloudless sky and summer-like heat greeted those who gathered today at Alton Baker Park’s Water Wise Demonstration Garden.  No, there was no entertainment of free food, but rather a short, sweet tour of this innovative and thriving space by its designers.   Organized by Eugene’s Cascadia Building Council, this little mixer was focused on the individual elements that all work together to make this space a model for any homeowner.  EWEB’s Jeffrey Petersen and our own Anita Van Asperdt of LandCurrent Landscape Architecture shared their collective wisdom on water retention and use, smarter lawns,  less thirsty plants and ongoing maintenance for a garden that is really far smarter than it would appear.  Debunking common myths about what a Water Wise garden truly is and taking the mystery out of implementation was the name of the game today.  Plant lists were circulated, systems were explained, and the chance to see how lovely this garden is first hand were all a part of the afternoon’s benefits.  It goes without saying that a good time was had by all.  Especially those who had remembered their sunscreen.

Even without the guest speakers, we encourage you to visit this garden on your own.  Quite frequently, in fact.  This dynamic garden was created to adapt to seasonal changes and can be appreciated the most when seen at different times of the year.  Drive, ride or walk from Alton Baker, take pictures, enjoy the wildlife and the shade, take good notes and be inspired to make your own garden more Water Wise!

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