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Do you see what I see?  Something hiding among the thick vegetation.  Ah!  There it is!  Construction has officially begun at LandCurrent’s latest project, fondly referred to as Prado Parrilla, in the South Hills of Eugene.  Inspired by the homeowner’s Brazilian influence, Prado refers to the expansive, central meadow design, and Parrilla gives homage to the fabulous outdoor grill that will bring so much energy into this open, lively space.  So exciting!  As you can see, work on the sloping terrain is beginning the transformation.  At the cornice, a delightful artificial turf  slope, sized just right for a young, energetic slider, is a top priority.  Rather than selecting typical playground fare, this no-maintenance, perpetually verdant surface will allow for a variety of play options in an open, naturalistic meadow.  We anticipate this being one of the site’s most heavily-used features.  The more, the better, we say.  (lz)

Balbuena construction 6.28

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Natural Playgrounds in the Netherlands: Speeldernis

by Anita Van Asperdt April 8, 2014 Natural Play Areas
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Anita Van Asperdt is a Dutch landscape architect who graduated from Larenstein College. After her graduation, she moved to the United States, where she completed her studies at the University of Oregon and raised her two children. In her spare time, she goes on hikes and backpacking trips with her family. She has worked as […]

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Everyone happy at the nature play area at the Ottawa Montessori School

by Anita Van Asperdt November 19, 2013 Innovative Playground Design
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  The playground committee “Green Peas” at the Ottawa Montessori School passed along some delightful thank you notes from the children.  These are truly inspiring words from the kids, and of course we love the artwork. School staff emailed us that “the children in the elementary yard are far more active than they were in […]

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