Natural Playscape

Children at the Ottawa Montessori Natural Playground
Photo Credit: Earthscape
Design: LandCurrent


Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence 2014 has awarded Earthscape in the Special Interest Construction category for the Natural Play and Discovery Environment at the Ottawa Montessori School. Designed by Landcurrent, this unique natural playscape provides a variety of play opportunities that enrich the lives of the children who attend the Montessori school.

Recess will never be the same again for the children at the Ottawa Montessori School.  So many adventures can be had at this one-of-a-kind school playground. Kids can  follow the meandering paths to find numerous places of activity and creativity . When they are in calmer moods, they can also find quite shady nooks where they can watch and contemplate. They can hang out and get a birds-eye view of the playground from the lookout tower,  talk to friends by using one of the many talking tubes spread throughout the play area, master hill climbing, slide down a hill, build a ford, play with sand and water, and visit a custom designed wig-wam village. These activities are just examples of the many creative ways kids can interact with their  new environment, and illustrate how the playground  facilitates both the active and passive moments of play.


Meandering Path at Natural Playground OMS
Wig-Wam Village at Natural Playground OMS
Photo credit: Earthscape
Hanging out in the view tower at the Natural Playground OMS
Photo credit: Earthscape