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by Anita Van Asperdt on December 25, 2012

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It has been an amazing year with great projects.  LandCurrent continued with  their residential and natural playground projects in Oregon and Washington state.  A park and a great residential project  brought along many trips to southern Oregon this year.  With Sara Geddes I traveled to the Las Vegas area to work on a project for the Forest Service and during the summer I traveled to my home country to teach a class in Urban Design for the University of British Columbia.

Projects under construction in southern Oregon

LandCurrent strengthened the collaboration with Sara Geddes of Land.Places, who assisted us on two major projects.   We also appreciated working with an amazing green building company Green Hammer out of Portland Oregon as well as KenCairn Landscape Architects from Ashland Oregon. We made some new contacts this year which we hope will result in collaborative projects in the coming years.

LandCurrent continued its leadership role  in the nature play movement.  The Natural Playgrounds Group on Linked-in which I started in 2009 is very active and passed the 1000 membership threshold this year. For LandCurrent, I continue being a member of the Oregon Nature Play Initiative (ONPLAY) and I  joined the Natural Play and Learning Guidelines Project as a reviewer. This project is a national initiative by  the National Wildlife Federation, the Natural Learning Initiative, and national partners to develop national design and management guidelines for natural areas in children’s outdoor play and learning environments. I presented and co-presented lectures on designing nature play areas for the University of British Columbia, for the Oregon Recreation & Park Association and the the Oregon chapter of the Associations of Landscape Architects.

For the city of Eugene I put together a workshop on designing Rain Gardens with help from Sara Geddes and Marina Wrensch and of course the wonderful staff at the city of Eugene, Jenna Garmon and Kathy Eva and others who worked on the background.

As if all of this was not enough I traveled home to the Netherlands to teach a course on Urban Design  for the University of  British Columbia with Cynthia Girling and Nicole Taddune. In addition I taught courses for the Landscape Architecture Department and OLIS (Oregon Leadership in Sustainability) at the University of Oregon. Both courses were part of the Sustainable Cities Initiative.

In the fall I traveled to New York not long after hurricane Sandy passed through, I visited the parks and play areas in lower Manhattan and was amazed how well the area had withstood such a major natural disaster. We stayed with Tricia Martin, yet another great colleague with whom I connected this year, she has been doing outstanding landscape and urban design work in the New York region.

Looking back, surely a very productive but above all engaging and interesting year!

Thanks to all of you who helped make this year successful.


Anita Van Asperdt

Principal Landscape Architect, LandCurrent



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