First Pedestrian Summit, Eugene Oregon

by admin on June 5, 2011

in Places for All Ages, Walkable Neighborhoods

Eugene held its first pedestrian summit this week. The discussion revolved mostly around creating safe pedestrian experiences and how we can all share the roadway. While the information was useful I was very inspired by the speaker who introduced the summit. The speaker was a mom who lost her son in a traffic accident. That introduction set the obvious tone for a morning about pedestrian safety. But I picked up on something different from her short and moving introduction. The mom told us that  the crossing over the roadway where her son so tragically died, has now been made safer. The crossing has been narrowed and more clearly identified as a pedestrian cross over. As a result, she told us, she now also sees more elderly people in the park that can now be accessed more conveniently by using this new safer crossing. As our population ages making the community more walkable having roads that can be crossed safely and easily is going to be very important to create places for all ages.

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