FineLine Landscape at the 2015 People’s Choice Award in Eugene Oregon

by Anita Van Asperdt on October 7, 2015

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Every year Architects and Landscape Architects from the southwest Oregon region showcase their best projects at the People’s Choice Awards.

People can vote for their favorite projects. You can vote here online. Or you can visit the Broadway Commerce Center in Downtown Eugene, during business hours through October 31 (44 W Broadway Ave).

LandCurrent submitted FINELINE LANDSCAPE in the private landscape category. This project was recently featured in Gray Magazine.


This project resides on a steep hillside consisting of granite soils overgrown with shrub oak savannah and large pines at the toe of the hill.

The owner chose a location high on the hillside which necessitated a series of terraces and steps. An eleven foot high retaining wall holds back the hillside and creates space for a back yard patio. This high wall has uniquely designed amoeba-shaped openings changing it from a functional element to an element of delight. Steps in the landscape transition from finely crafted concrete stairs adjacent to the residence to a landscape path of decomposed granite and juniper steps. The juniper wood came from trees that are invasive in the surrounding natural landscape.

The driveway up to the house has ribbons of invisible vegetated pavement to create the width needed for emergency access.

A close collaboration between architect, landscape architect and contractors ensured a high level of consistency and precision.  Close the house the shapes are geometric and finely crafted. The geometric shapes give way to a landscape of native plants and granite boulders which seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings.


GreenHammerProject Team:

Architecture, Green Hammer : Jan Fillinger AIA, LEED, AP, CPHC, lead architect

Landscape Architecture, Anita Van Asperdt RLA, lead landscape architect
LandCurrent: Kerry KenCairn RLA on-site project consultant

Key Consultants: Allan Goffe PE structural engineer
Mark Dew PE civil engineer

General Contractor, Stephen Aiguier, principal-in-charge
Green Hammer: Michael Spatzek, construction superintendent
Dana Hopkinson, construction manager

Site Contractors: Solid Ground Landscaping
Satterfield Construction (concrete)

Photos: Jon Jensen Photography

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