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Would you like to study EcoDistricts in Europe?  The University of Oregon is offering an extensive fieldtrip and research program this summer through the study abroad department. The program will be led by Dr. Deni Ruggeri (Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture) and Anita Van Asperdt (principal landscape architect at LandCurrent and adjunct instructor in Landscape Architecture & the OLIS program)

The program is designed for and open to students in diverse fields, including PPPM, OLIS, architecture and design fields, environmental studies, and others

The “EcoDistricts in Europe” program focuses on EcoDistrict planning, development, design and implementation in the context of the European continent. In addition, the program looks at actual and potential sustainable living conditions in these districts. It offers students interested in sustainable development a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience of new models of sustainable communities through visits and direct experience of life in various EcoDistricts.

Join us for a Webinar this Friday December 5, 11:00 am PST/2:00 EST

Visit the UO study abroad website for more information


Designing a complete, sustainable community in the Netherlands.

by Anita Van Asperdt September 6, 2012 Places for All Ages
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This summer twenty-three students from the University of British Columbia created seven urban design solutions for a site in Amsterdam-North in the Netherlands. Students were asked to design a complete, sustainable community and address urban design strategies within current economic and environmental uncertain times. LandCurrent’s principal landscape architect Anita Van Asperdt  and professor Cynthia Girling led the […]

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First Pedestrian Summit, Eugene Oregon

by admin June 5, 2011 Places for All Ages
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Eugene held its first pedestrian summit this week. The discussion revolved mostly around creating safe pedestrian experiences and how we can all share the roadway. While the information was useful I was very inspired by the speaker who introduced the summit. The speaker was a mom who lost her son in a traffic accident. That […]

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