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Do you see what I see?  Something hiding among the thick vegetation.  Ah!  There it is!  Construction has officially begun at LandCurrent’s latest project, fondly referred to as Prado Parrilla, in the South Hills of Eugene.  Inspired by the homeowner’s Brazilian influence, Prado refers to the expansive, central meadow design, and Parrilla gives homage to the fabulous outdoor grill that will bring so much energy into this open, lively space.  So exciting!  As you can see, work on the sloping terrain is beginning the transformation.  At the cornice, a delightful artificial turf  slope, sized just right for a young, energetic slider, is a top priority.  Rather than selecting typical playground fare, this no-maintenance, perpetually verdant surface will allow for a variety of play options in an open, naturalistic meadow.  We anticipate this being one of the site’s most heavily-used features.  The more, the better, we say.  (lz)

Balbuena construction 6.28

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Last week at Oregon Hills Park

by Anita Van Asperdt July 1, 2014 inclusive playground
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Nothing beats play with sand and water besides perhaps dirt and water. The kids had a blast damming up the trough exit.  The moms came prepared with towels and dry clothes. Click here for more information.  

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Designing a complete, sustainable community in the Netherlands.

by Anita Van Asperdt September 6, 2012 Places for All Ages
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This summer twenty-three students from the University of British Columbia created seven urban design solutions for a site in Amsterdam-North in the Netherlands. Students were asked to design a complete, sustainable community and address urban design strategies within current economic and environmental uncertain times. LandCurrent’s principal landscape architect Anita Van Asperdt  and professor Cynthia Girling led the […]

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First Pedestrian Summit, Eugene Oregon

by admin June 5, 2011 Places for All Ages
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Eugene held its first pedestrian summit this week. The discussion revolved mostly around creating safe pedestrian experiences and how we can all share the roadway. While the information was useful I was very inspired by the speaker who introduced the summit. The speaker was a mom who lost her son in a traffic accident. That […]

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Kids Dig Dirt

by admin June 5, 2011 Innovative Playground Design
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I recently re-visited a natural playground designed by LandCurrent for infants and toddlers in Salem, Oregon. The play area was going to be visited by a Training Specialist from Zero to Three (R), who is writing a technical report for the Early Head Start National Resource Center. Her visit was the reason I wanted to […]

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LandCurrent 2011 Head Start Preferred Vendor

by admin April 9, 2011 Natural Play Areas
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RESTON, VA, (April 7, 2011) — Head Start Body Start National Center for Physical Development and Outdoor Play (HSBS) today announced that LandCurrent has been selected as one of 28 playground and plays space companies, equipment manufacturers, and other creators of playground and play space-related resources for inclusion on its 2011 HSBS Preferred Vendor Catalog […]

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