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Do you see what I see?  Something hiding among the thick vegetation.  Ah!  There it is!  Construction has officially begun at LandCurrent’s latest project, fondly referred to as Prado Parrilla, in the South Hills of Eugene.  Inspired by the homeowner’s Brazilian influence, Prado refers to the expansive, central meadow design, and Parrilla gives homage to the fabulous outdoor grill that will bring so much energy into this open, lively space.  So exciting!  As you can see, work on the sloping terrain is beginning the transformation.  At the cornice, a delightful artificial turf  slope, sized just right for a young, energetic slider, is a top priority.  Rather than selecting typical playground fare, this no-maintenance, perpetually verdant surface will allow for a variety of play options in an open, naturalistic meadow.  We anticipate this being one of the site’s most heavily-used features.  The more, the better, we say.  (lz)

Balbuena construction 6.28

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Water Wise Demonstration Garden tour/talk

by Anita Van Asperdt April 25, 2016 Contemporary Garden Design

April 19, 2016 A cloudless sky and summer-like heat greeted those who gathered today at Alton Baker Park’s Water Wise Demonstration Garden.  No, there was no entertainment of free food, but rather a short, sweet tour of this innovative and thriving space by its designers.   Organized by Eugene’s Cascadia Building Council, this little mixer was […]

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FineLine Landscape at the 2015 People’s Choice Award in Eugene Oregon

by Anita Van Asperdt October 7, 2015 Contemporary Garden Design

Every year Architects and Landscape Architects from the southwest Oregon region showcase their best projects at the People’s Choice Awards. People can vote for their favorite projects. You can vote here online. Or you can visit the Broadway Commerce Center in Downtown Eugene, during business hours through October 31 (44 W Broadway Ave). LandCurrent submitted […]

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Award for Cat’s Ear Savannah

by Anita Van Asperdt January 22, 2015 Contemporary Garden Design

LandCurrent has been working in  close collaboration with envelōp design  on a new residence just outside Eugene, Oregon. The collaboration has already received recognition. During an event organized by the local chapter of the American Association of Architects (AIAS) it won an award for BEST RESPONSE TO CONTEXT.

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Hyper-Angular Home in Dwell Magazine

by Anita Van Asperdt December 11, 2014 Contemporary Garden Design

Dwell Magazine December 2014 issue  features the year’s best prefab houses.  It includes the Hyper-Angular Home in Portland Oregon designed by  Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture.  Kitty Davis of LandCurrent conceptualized the  landscape taking the angular leitmotif into the garden spaces.  It is nice to see that Dwell gave her credit for her work, read […]

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New Waterwise Demonstration Garden in Eugene Oregon

by admin June 5, 2011 Contemporary Garden Design
Thumbnail image for New Waterwise Demonstration Garden in Eugene Oregon

Yesterday we had the VIP party to celebrate the completion of the Water Wise demonstration Garden in Eugene, Oregon.  The project was initiated by the Eugene Water and Electric Board in partnership with the city of Eugene, Nearby Nature, Satre Associates and LandCurrent landscape architects. LandCurrent was responsible for the design work with technical support from […]

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LandCurrent’s “Garden House” Wins Two Awards

by admin April 9, 2011 Contemporary Garden Design
Thumbnail image for LandCurrent’s “Garden House” Wins Two Awards

LandCurrent’s “Garden House” has won both the People’s Choice and the Collegeaus Choice award this year in Eugene, Oregon.  As part of a larger landscape plan this small elegant Garden House was designed by LandCurrent and constructed by Greg Morrow & Sons.  We titled the project Garden House to reflect that a small structure like this can be used as […]

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